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I am the only candidate for Trustee Area 5 proudly endorsed by our Orange Unified Classroom Teachers (OUEA), Orange Unified Retired Teachers Association (ORTA), and the entire Orange Unified Classified Staff (CSEA).

"I have worked hard to foster positive relationships with Orange Unified parents and Orange Unified teachers/employees, who are with our students each and every day. I believe accessible, open and honest communication, regular campus visits, and my long history in OUSD, provides me with the information I need to make decisions that benefit our students."  Trustee Kris Erickson   

Parents and Community Leaders (*partial list)

Geoffrey and Valerie Fearns
Ruth Viramontes-Gutierrez
Lowell and Ruth Benner
Corinne Jones
Laura Urquart

Kelly Todak
Lori Rivera
Sapna Chopra
Janet and Rafael Carrete

Cindy and John Olivier
Beth Cipres
Claire Cipres
Cynthia Gonzalez
Cesar Madrid
Alexis Greenlee
Linda Corpus
Fred Vescial
Julie and Charlie Link
Jimmy and Kristy Ruiz
Paula Clark
Jessica Prechtl
Chuck Steele
Jolena Betts
Derek Bercher
Teresa Andrade
Annette Cambiaso
Jennifer and Eddie Carrillo
Sharon Westenhofer
Lori Rivera
Mary Ann Ballestero
Sharon and Barry McAleer
Kim and Tom Fogarty
Susan and Larry Kellner
Claudio Gallegos

Lauren Johnson
Neda Karam

Salley and Ben Bowman

Aimee Gromfin

Thomas and Deborah Rapport

Addison and Karin Adams

Reuben Esparza

Ken Ezell

Christy Covington

Linda Horist
Teresa Andrade
Jim and Keni Cox
Bill and Andrea Gee
Hon. Lynne Riddle
Melanie Pollack
Paula Rankin
Mark and Kristin Schecter
Allison Adams
Rachel and Hector Sanchez
Kurt, Emma, & Molly Adams
Sharon Adams
John and Lynn Ahern
Diana Nichols
Veronica Norris
Carol LaBounty
Alisa Shorago
Whitney and Bill Amsbary
Cindy and Jim Guziak
Karin Barone
Nate Dawson
Michelle Hernandez
Russ and Mary Cox
Ginger Kelley
Kennedy Kelley
Dave and Kirsten Kaufman
Ellen and Jacques Lapointe
Vicky Schultz
Greg Bowden
Jill Bender
Haylee Bender
Florice Hoffman
Tiger and Allison Cosmos
Mark and Kristin Schecter
Paul Collins

Eva Schulte

Maria Fong

Steve Almond

George Urch

Terri Vernon

Lauren Pullin

Nancy Brink  

Maria Perez

Michele and Jim Herkimer
Shannon and Frank Tucker
Mike and Denise Christensen
Fayroze Elbiali
Patricia and Russ Barrios
Augustin and Lilia Martinez
Carrie and Todd Lundell
Carmen Carrete Esparza
Todd and Jamie Lou Hanson
Stacey and JJ Meis

Ron and Marchelle Esparza
Rebecca Martinez
Susan Huber
Jeanne Sweeney
Deepa Savani
Hemant Kewalramani

Barry Resnick
Mrunal and Ravi Shah
Ken and Julie Stichter
Bernie Dickson

Terrena Hepner

Karen and Jeff Real
Lauren Pullin
Nisha Verma and Adam Klugman
Pam McDonald
Matthew Thomas
Sue Van Sluis
Jennah and Mike Ross
Ayesha Kamran
Karen and Dave Cohn

Aaron Jacoby

Ann Crouch
Tonda and Eugene Fields
Isabel Carrete
Francie Schutler
Nicol and Chris Jones

Farah Jovadi
Eva Schulte
Jennifer Surges
Darleen Swanson
Roger and Jessica Urroz
Michelle and Gary Weisenberg

Ashleigh Aitken and Michael Penn

Linda Roslund

Nicol and Chris Jones 

Paul Della Calce

Sunny Erickson

Dave Bastin
Andy and Karen Thorburn

Carolyn Noble

Arturo Martinez

Michal and Eric Doesburg

Betty and Laura Villa

Rebecca French

Midge Fleener

Tony and Courtney Arreola

Colleen Mangali

Kathryn White

Dennis and Kathy Corbett

Caron Berkley

Julie Mark

Henry Nguyen Phuoc

Leisa Ensworth

Kristan Hinman

Elected and appointed leaders serving in parts of OUSD (*partial list)

Lou Correa, United States Congressman
Katie Porter, United States Congresswoman 
Andrea Yamasaki, President and Trustee, Orange Unified School Board
Kathy Moffat, Trustee, Orange Unified School Board
Ana Page, Clerk and Trustee, Orange Unified School Board
Diane Singer, former Orange Unified School District Trustee
Lissa Smith, former Orange Unified School District Trustee
Dave Min, California State Senator
Katrina Foley, Orange County Supervisor
Ana Gutierrez, Orange City Councilmember
Arianna Barrios, Orange City Councilmember
Dan Slater, former Orange City Councilmember
Kim Nguyen, Garden Grover City Councilmember
John Hanna, Trustee, Rancho Santiago Community College District
Dr. Tina Arias Miller, Trustee, Rancho Santiago Community College District
David Crockett, Trustee, Rancho Santiago Community College District
James Guziak, Dir. Of Santiago GHAD
Eugene Fields, City of Orange Park Planning and Community Events  Commissioner

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